Flushing the radiator

Maintain your car’s temperature with a radiator flush

Make your car ready for any season with a radiator flush performed by our experienced team.


Radiator after flushing

Protect your car with a coolant flush

The coolant in your vehicle serves multiple purposes. Not only does it help heat and cool the interior of your car for your comfort, it also maintains the temperature of your vehicle. If your coolant levels are low or is dirty, it may lead to overheating, as well as issues with your water pump or radiator.

Don’t let dirty coolant damage your vehicle. You can come to us for a radiator flush, which will clean sediment and deposits from your radiator It can also help extend the life of your vehicle.

Get honest and reliable service from our team

Bring your car to our experts to have your radiator tested for freeze point and color. If you need a flush, we will perform it for you on the spot. You won’t have to worry about high-pressure sales. You’ll only receive the services that you need.

Your car will be treated using BG products, which are known for performance. You can also bring your car in for winterizing for the protection you need during the coldest months of the year.

 Let us test your coolant to see if you need a radiator flush – stop in any time at your convenience!


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